About Matt Riley

Hey, my name is Matt Riley and I’ve helped all sorts of people from complete beginners with zero experience, to advanced business owners, taking them to the next level in making more money. But first, let me take you back to 2010…

In 2010, I was a senior in high school. I needed to find my first gig. You know how it is when you’re a teenager? Your parents might want you to start paying for stuff. You need some dough for the latest gadgets, going out with friends, and eventually a car. So I got a part time job as a teacher’s aid for grades K-8. At first, I wasn’t really sure about it. But then I started to love teaching and it made me want a career doing it.

By 2011, I needed to chose a major for college and you guessed it… I picked education with dreams of one day becoming a school teacher. Some months went by and I was more and more convinced from peers, family, and the internet that becoming a teacher would be one of the worst paying careers and I should pick something that (especially growing up in an Asian household) made more money. However, I didn’t want to give up teaching, so I had this brilliant idea that instead, I would own my own after school program. I decided to switch to business as my college major, that way I could learn how to start and run a company.

My next 2 side hustles to make money, in college, were… a minimum wage job at the school cafeteria, and selling plants to the kids at the dorms. I was still dead broke. But it’s ok because I had a plan.

When I graduated, I was so excited I would finally start a career and have tons of money! But nope, I got a 40-hour per week, 9-5 job that just made my life miserable and stressful. I got laid off from that company, which added to me going from an extremely happy person to depressed (and I’ll save my depression story for a different time). No worries because I got out of that rut… and got another job making to $42k per year! Great. That still wasn’t enough for rent, food, bills, personal expenses, maybe a future family, and a comfortable cost of living without stress.

One day I was scrolling through the internet and found out how to start your own online business selling products (like clothes, electronics, pet toys, etc.) Basically you would setup an online shop, run some ads on Facebook, and then when a customer buys from your shop, a supplier from China will pretty much do all the work and ship out those products directly to the customer. At first, I sucked at it. But eventually I got good, I made more than double than my last job without a boss, working on a schedule, or having to drive to an office, and Shopify saw my success and decided to write an article about me.

Since I mastered how to make a lot of money, others wanted to learn from me. So I finally got my dream career and started a teaching business. While it wasn’t teaching grade school kids like I imagined, it turned out to be much better. I get to reach a worldwide audience by teaching online. I’ve met tons of people of all ages, a lot of whom I can now call my friends. And I can continue building a loving community of people who truly want to help the world and help others.

Selling products is great, but selling a service like teaching is even better. It’s actually one of the most rewarding careers (next to firefighters, paramedics, counselors, athletic trainers, detectives, chaplains, dieticians, and chiropractors). Careers where you’re helping others are the most rewarding! That’s why I’ll continue teaching and help others become a highly paid teacher online. And no I’m not talking about a children’s school teacher… unless that’s what you’d like!) If you know a skill (maybe money, health, or relationship related) you too can become a teacher or a mentor with lots of students paying you to help them do what you love.

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Wishing you only the best,
Matt Riley

Matt Riley